What is "Urban Heritage Chronicle"?

Urban Heritage Chronicle helps intown histrical assets and traditional cultures to be carried over from generations to generations.

Hitorical assets which Urban Heritage Chronicle thinks to be perserved are not only physical works for example buildings, and artistics works as historical assets, but also intangeble assets such as founders thoughts, maisters tequnieqs, legacies, menus, and many other things.

In the world, there are things which are not known publicly and introduce their remarkable histories, even though they have same level of values as high profile historic works and arts.

Urban Heritage Chronicle thinks it is important as well to find out these unknown histrical assets, as a story with photo and texts. One of the beauties of perserving their assets in such way is - unfortunately there are things which could not last for various reason - sometimes its financial reason, or nobody cannot take over. By remaining these stories in a form of web contents, these assets can be last here, and also memories of people who read Urban Heritage Chronicle. Urban Heritage Chronicle also believes we can contribute to them.

Urban Heritage Chronicle places artciles only on historic assets, which correspondents of Urban Heritage Chronicle actually visited the place, met people there, and experienced its assets. Urban Heritage Chronicle focuses its scope of coverage on histrical assets which locate in central location of relatively big cities, because of our resources and capacitie. Another reason of our intown focus is, histrical assets in remote areas are usually famous as sight-seeing spot among travelers and they usually have visibility in travel books and magazines.

Website of Urban Heritage Chronicle is run by Urban Heritage Chronicle LLC. Urban Heritage Chronicle LLC is running other businesses such as marketing consulting, real-estate rental, and others. However, these non-core business are small portion of the company, and most of the profits from these non-core business are being used to run Urban Heritage Chronicle.

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